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Elise Cohen

Transformative/Intuitive Life Coaching Using The Tarot & Energy Healing

The Truest, Most Authentic Version of You Is Within Reach
With A Spiritual Approach...


Welcome to your transformative and intuitive journey, where life coaching transcends the ordinary and becomes a sacred exploration of your inner self. Embrace the power of this spiritual approach to healing, personal development, and self-discovery. This is a holistic and empathetic approach, where I, the coach and healer, use my intuition to guide the coaching process. This creates a deep, empathetic connection with you. It is a profound exploration that will uncover the root cause of what is holding you back from living the life you desire as you discover the truest, most authentic version of you.

Integrating Transformative/Intuitive Life Coaching, Energy Healing, and a Tarot reading creates a holistic approach that accelerates your growth. While each of these systems works beautifully by itself, and you always have that option, there are tremendous benefits of profound self-discovery, healing, and guidance with the synergy of these modalities. Together, they align your mind, body, and spirit. You will break free from limitations, foster a positive self-image, and manifest the life you have been dreaming of. 

Are you ready to embrace a spiritual approach to coaching that transforms not just your actions but your essence? Embrace this holistic approach. Let's embark on this profound journey together – where healing, self-discovery, and the life you desire await.


This is new, it’s cutting edge, and it works. ~Elise

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Imagine if you could.....


know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what your true life purpose is, and actually live it. What would it feel like to actually have a direction, and the motivation to get there? Elise joins you on your personal Journey, and guides you to each destination along the way, ultimately arriving at the truest, most authentic version of you; the reason you're here at all.


cut the cord, so to speak, between you and your toxic partner, parent, friend, boss, etc. Finally understand the true definition of a narcissist; their traits and behaviors, and how they control you, manipulate you and prey upon your emotions. Can't cut the cord? Elise will teach you how to take back your power to effectively manage this person so you can sleep at night, reduce anxiety and stress, and finally feel in control of your own destiny. 


find out why you self-sabotage, procrastinate, binge eat, drink, shop, etc. How do these behaviors keep you stuck? What are your fears? Fear of failure? Success? Taking a risk? Money blocks and scarcity? Being judged or criticized? Elise will accurately read your Tarot cards, and reveal the obstacles and barriers that are holding you back from achieving your dreams. Overcome these nasty patterns and move on with the life you desire.


stop negative self-talk once and for all. Do you fight wars in your head, over and over with the same person? Does the outcome ever change? Let Elise guide you to changing your relationship with thought. Get quiet in your own head and stop making stuff up. Shift your narrative, and feel the inner peace and freedom you gain from these shifts. 


The power program




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Kind Words

“I now have a new window to look through and this has

positively impacted every single day of my life’s journey moving forward!”



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