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Energy Healing

Release and Clear Inherited Obstacles and Blocks That Keep You Stuck

What are you holding on to that does not serve your highest good?

What would it be like to feel lighter? Calmer? Happier?

To have more clarity? Peace of mind?

To understand your past?

To feel worthy?

Motivated? Directed?

There are hundreds of negative patterns and emotions that can be inherited from our ancestry. These patterns repeat over and over, and we are unable to stop the occurrences. And they keep you stuck.

None of this is your fault. You literally have no control over what you inherit, just like you cannot control eye or hair color, height, etc.

But inherited emotions and patterns can be changed. They can be cleared. And when cleared from you, you will free your ancestors of these negative patterns as well. 

Release stagnant and blocked energy, balance your chakras, and experience a renewed sense of vitality as we clear those inherited patterns that do not serve your highest good.

I am able to do this for you over Zoom. You can be relaxed and comfortable in your own surroundings while I release what is holding you back from moving forward with the life you desire.


Here are just a few examples of inherited patterns

that can keep us stuck:

elise cohen


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elise cohen

Low Self-worth

check mark


check mark

People Pleasing

check mark

Lack of Confidence


Poverty Mentality

...and many more

Spa Salts and Stones

You Have Options

2-Session Pkge.

4-Session Pkge.

Tarot/Energy Healing Trio

2, one-hour sessions one to two weeks apart. Want to dip your toe in the water to see how it feels? This package is perfect for the skeptic or newbie to Energy Healing.                

4, one-hour sessions, one to two weeks apart. You are more ready than ever before to let go of old patterns that have kept you stuck. You know you have a lot of work to do, and you’re ready for action. Bring it on!

One, one-hour in-depth Tarot reading to identify obstacles and barriers,

Followed by two, one-hour Energy Healing Sessions. All 3 sessions are one to two weeks apart. The crème de la crème. This is by far the most effective package for anyone who is ready to go deep into their past, present and future to uncover obstacles and barriers that need to be cleared.

You may schedule a free, 30-minute coaching session to talk about what is keeping you stuck. I'll offer some valuable coaching, and together we'll get really clear on what needs to be released in your Energy Healing Sessions.


Ignite Your Journey Coaching Session


 What is your biggest challenge when it comes to moving forward?

Where do you feel you are stuck?


What have you tried in the past that didn't work for you?


What questions do you have about Energy Healing sessions?


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