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the power program
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Only 6 Weeks To The Most AuthenticVersion Of You

The Power Program
A Synergistically Holistic Approach…

Embark on a holistic journey of transformation by combining the power of Transformative/Intuitive Life Coaching, Energy Healing, and a Tarot reading. Individually, each of these processes delivers dynamic results, but the Synergy of these three modalities delivers the most profound insights that nurture your mind, body, and spirit, guiding you towards lasting change and self-discovery.


In this sacred space, we’ll delve into the depths of your being, addressing the spiritual essence that shapes your experiences. Discover this holistic approach that goes beyond surface-level solutions, and guides you through a journey of self-reflection, unlocking the doorways to healing and personal growth.  It is time to break free from limiting beliefs, to nurture a positive self-image, and to cultivate the inner strength needed to propel you forward on your unique path.


Integrating Transformative/Intuitive Life Coaching, Energy Healing, and a Tarot reading creates a holistic approach that accelerates your growth and frees you from the chains that have been binding you for years. Experience the benefits of profound self-discovery, healing, and guidance, as the synergy of these modalities aligns your mind, body, and spirit. Break free from limitations, foster a positive self-image, and manifest the life you desire.

“You’re not afraid of what you think you’re afraid of. You’re afraid of what you think. No matter how long you’ve been stuck with something, No matter how real a problem looks, No matter how intractable a difficulty seems, You are never more than one thought away from a whole new experience of being alive.”
Michael Neill

The Supercoach

Elise Cohen
Power Session

One-hour in-depth Tarot Reading-deep interpretation of your Past, Present and Future.

power session

The Present. What is happening around you right now?

power session

90 Minute Transformative Life Coaching: Clarity

power session

The Future. Living an Extraordinary Life.

 power session

The Past. The start of your Journey…

power session

The Recap.

Includes Two Complimentary Energy Healing Sessions
To Clear Obstacles And Blocks That Keep You Stuck. 



For a variety of reasons, many women experience a loss of self-esteem. With powerful insights, a shift in self-talk, and an intense understanding of your value and worth, significant changes can be achieved fairly quickly. Isn't it time to meet the truest, most authentic version of you? And love her at the same time?



They shift. They change. They have ups and they have downs. Adjusting and managing your relationships can be exhausting. Very often, all that's needed is a little clarity, a deeper understanding of the people in your life, and some new tools to help you open your heart to the steady flow of love and acceptance. 



Often accompanied by anxiety, traumatic memories, grief, anger, resentment or other negative patterns, we can get to the root cause of lost confidence easily and effortlessly. AHA moments and spiritual awakenings guide you to finding your truth so you can get out of your own way and move forward.

Soul's purpose

Soul's Purpose

"I feel like I'm here for a reason; on this earth to do something really significant." I hear this often from new clients. It is a nagging feeling that there's something so much bigger out there for you. But, you can't seem to put your finger on what it is. You are unable to reach into the depths of your soul to find it. I will guide you to the deepest depths of your heart, mind, body and soul to find your soul's purpose. Together we will awaken that person you were sent here to be.

Motivation and direction



Does it seem like this has just vanished into thin air? You struggle to take action; even to put one foot in front of the other. Often it's because you don't know where you are headed. Or, you are fearful of where you will end up. Together, we'll go deep into your heart, soul, and spirit to discover what really feeds you and ignite a passion for your Journey ahead. 



I've been a wife, mother, caregiver, housekeeper, chauffeur, and more. Now, my spouse and I are distanced, living in our empty nest. And I have no idea who I am." Maybe you don't know what to do, where to turn, or who to talk to. Believe it or not, it is now your time. You've earned your stripes, so to speak, and together, we will rediscover the beauty, strength, and power of you. This could be the single most exciting time of your life as your passions and dreams rise to the surface.

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