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Elise Cohen
Tarot SErvice
Where do you need answers?

What do you need to know right now?


Is it time to see your life from a whole new perspective?


What area of your life do you need to focus on?


What does your future look like? 

The ancient power of the Tarot, fused with modern-day


intuitive life coaching, offers practical strategies and


actionable steps for you to manifest positive change in


your life.

take a deep dive in tarot cards
elise cohen


elise cohen


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Past Lives

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Life Purpose

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single reading with elise cohen

Single Reading

A one-hour, in-depth, Tarot card reading using a minimum of 15 cards, where we will answer the questions you have; what areas of life you need answers in right now. Gain more clarity than you ever thought possible. The cards chosen just for you will tell your story.

tarot party elise cohen

The Tarot Party

Grab your friends, cocktails and appetizers and lets have some fun. Each guest will receive a private mini reading consisting of a 20- minute interpretation of their individual cards.


Min 5 guests/ Max 7 guests

past lives series elise cohen

Past Lives Series

Have you ever felt as if you were someone else in a Past Life? Discover who you were, how that life impacted your present life, and what lessons you were meant to learn from that life. A 3-session series including a guided visualization.

tarot servies with Elise Cohen
Elise Cohen Tarot Master

Ignite Your Journey Coaching Session


 What is your biggest challenge when it comes to moving forward?


What have you tried in the past that didn't work for you?


What is it that you really want?


 Talk With Me About Where You Are & Where You Want To Be.


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