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The Intuition Connection

I'm Elise Cohen and this is get out of your own way. The podcast for women who are looking for a more spiritual approach to healing and transformation and want to make significant shifts in their lives.

What's missing in your life?

Self-worth, confidence, motivation, direction.

How about just owning your life or being OK with who you are instead of trying to be what you think others want you to be. Let's get to the root cause of what's holding you back so you can move forward on your journey to the truest most authentic version of you. The you that is free of self doubt, uncertainty, indecision, and hesitation.

The you that is empowered to take on the world by getting out of your own way.

Hi, everyone and welcome to get out of your own way. Episode four, the intuition connection.

Today, we explore the fascinating world of intuition that inner knowing that guides us in our decision making and helps us navigate life's challenges and connects us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. We are diving deep into the subject of intuition, uncovering its mysteries and discussing how it impacts our lives.

Intuition is often described as our gut feeling or sixth sense. It's a phenomenon that's fascinated great thinkers and scientists and spiritual leaders for centuries. But what is intuition really?

Well, it's that inner voice or that feeling that arises without any conscious reasoning.

It's an immediate understanding or insight often regarded as coming from really deep within us.

It's something we all experience, even if we might not always pay attention to it,

everyone has intuition and the way it works is this way it operates on a subconscious level.

It draws from our life experiences, our knowledge and our emotions.

It's like our brain processing information in the background and presenting us with a solution or a feeling without us even realizing it. So intuition is kind of like our brain's superpower,

helping us make decisions, solve problems and even sense things beyond our immediate perception.

But here's the thing, the question comes up all the time. Can it be trusted all the time?

I hear people say, I don't trust my intuition. But how many times in your life have you found yourself saying? Uh I should have listened to my gut or my intuition even I've been in that place many times. And when we make what we perceive as the wrong decision, we beat ourselves up for not trusting our inner voice. But can we really rely on our gut feelings in important life decisions?

Can we really trust it well, believe it or not, there's actual research that's been conducted on intuition. Research shows that intuition can be incredibly accurate, especially when we have expertise or experience in a particular area. However, it's essential to balance intuition with rational thinking, especially in complex situations.

So intuition is a valuable tool but it should be used in conjunction with critical thinking.

It's like having a compass in the wilderness and it can guide you, but you still need a map and you still need some navigational skills. So let me give you a real life example of intuition and action in a small way.

A moment where a friend's intuition guided her in a surprising way. She was telling me that one day, she had this really strong feeling that she should change her usual route to work. It was so unusual that she followed her gut instinct and she found out later that day that there had been a massive traffic accident on her usual route and that would have caused her a huge delay. Her intuition saved her as she put it because she listened to it.

It's a perfect example of how intuition can be a lifesaver. It's like having a built in radar for avoiding potential problems. What about times when you sense a relationship isn't working,

like either a personal relationship or a business relationship? There's that overwhelming sense that it's run its course and you need to move on from it. It's absolutely your intuition letting you know it's time to bow out gracefully.

And as I mentioned earlier, there are those times when your intuition tells you one thing,

but you choose to go in a different direction. Here's a great example. A client of mine was living in a city she loved, she was married, she was raising two preteen Children as a stay at home mom. And one day suddenly her husband was offered this great job in another city, a city that they didn't know anything about really. She and her husband had done the long distance thing before. So that was an option. He goes,comes home on the weekends or they all move together, new city, new climate, new schools, everyone leaving their friends and so on,

her intuition was telling her that everything about this move was a bad idea.

She heard it over and over again, but she didn't listen in her mind. She needed to keep the family together. So they packed up, they moved, they bought a house and it was a disaster on every level. And at the end of one year, she packed up the kids and the dog and moved back to the city. That was her home. Her husband stayed in city number two at his job, coming home on the weekends until he was laid off.

Three months later, the aggravation she could have avoided if she'd listened to her intuition.

And the first thing that she and I addressed when working together was forgiving herself for making the wrong choice, important lessons were learned and for that, she needed to be grateful.

Know that the more you use your intuition, the sharper it gets, you can tune into your intuition and you can make better use of it in your daily life. It's a good idea to practice quieting your mind or using meditation or mindfulness. Because when we're less distracted, our intuition has a better chance of surfacing.

So remember, intuition often speaks to us through subtle feelings. So it's crucial to pay attention to those hunches, pay attention to dreams or sudden insights that pop up in your head. The most fascinating aspect of intuition for me has been that intuition can be developed and improved over time sharpened.

It's actually a skill and like any skill intuition can be honed. So by regularly practicing things like mindfulness, journaling about your intuitive experiences and seeking feedback from trusted friends and mentors, you can become more in tune with your inner wisdom. So trust in your intuition nurture it and let it guide you on your journey through life.

It's like having a reliable compass that can help you navigate the twists and turns along the way.

Well, that's a wrap for this episode of the intuition connection. And thank you so much for joining me on this enlightening journey into the world of intuition. I hope you've gained some valuable insights and that you'll continue to explore and trust your intuition in your own life.

So until next time, stay connected to your inner wisdom and remember, your intuition can be your greatest ally. I hope this episode inspired you to move forward with a plan or at least the beginning of one asking for help is a critical part of kick starting your journey.

What is your intuition telling you about your life's purpose? And by the way, if you haven't done a free 30 minute coaching session with me yet, you can still go to my and schedule one. Thank you for joining me on this episode of getting out of your own way.

The intuition connection.

Remember, the only limits that exist are the ones you place on yourself. So go out there and unleash your true potential and I'll see you next week, transformative life coaching, using the tarot and energy healing, changed my life and it's changing the lives of women all over the world.

Each and every day. How will you know if it's right for you unless you give it a go. And if you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, share and leave me a review. Your feedback means the world to me.

Until next time.

Embrace the magic of self discovery.

And may your journey be filled with wisdom and insight?

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